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Julia V. United States

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About me

I have brown hair and brown eyes... I love music... I play the Piano and the Oboe! I love singing, so I take voice lessons. My favorite thing to do at night is to read! Reading is like taking a journey outside of your house, without even going outside of your house.


I really like Math and Science, but I don't know if that falls into the "Lifestyle" category. I have a pretty big house...


I like old-fashioned music including the following:Queen,Beatles,Rolling Stones, The Who,Michael Jackson, and Eric Clapton......

Movies and TV:

OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I love tv and going to the movies! I like the movie "confessions of a Shopaholic" its hilarious... I also like an old movie called "Stalag 17" really good historical fiction movie! Those are just some of the movies i like and love!!!


My favorite sport in the whole intire world is by far TENNIS!!!! Tennis is so much fun....... I play tennis in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. BEAT THAT! *lol*


Does playing one or more instruments fall under the category ?arts?... Well anyway, I play the piano and the oboe... I'm also in a play at my school, and its "The Little Mermaid"... That's all for now though, and you'll be seeing me on broadway in 15 year


I like to sing, but I think I mentioned that already! Oh but whatever it doesn't matter :P:P:P


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